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The Pyrenees, Val de Boí, Boí-Taüll Resort: our daily playground. GUIES DE TAULL gives you the chance to learn or to improve your alpine ski or snowboard skills. Technical training tailored to suit each participant or group (a maximum of 7 participants per group). In the case of children, we work on technical and didactic aspects alike. We work on specific ski/snowboard techniques, but also on safety and on the overall feel of it all.

Both beginner and improvement lessons are taught by local and certified instructors, with specific training and experience in guiding and in snow and avalanches.

We will tailor our training to suit your personal characteristic and specific needs.

In full week and week-end courses, we use the video camera as a didactic tool, in order to help improve your technique and posture.

When: December 4th to April 25th
: Boí Taüll Resort / Baqueira Beret
: Alpine ski / Snowboard



Groups or private lessons, with a maximum of 7 participants per instructor.
All levels.




Private (alpine ski or snowboard) lessons.

  • 1 person       40€/h  .  70€/2h  .    95€/3h
  • 2 persons     45€/h  .  80€/2h  .  115€/3h
  • 3-4 persons  55€/h  .  95€/2h  .  130€/3h

Group alpine ski or snowboard lessons (a minimum of 5 participants)

  • 25€ per person / 2 h
  • 35€ per person / 3 h

Prices include: certified instructor and safety gear if applicable.
Ski and snowboard gear, and ski passes are not included.



Winter Activities Alpine Ski / Snowboard


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